Questions & Answers

This section has been included to hopefully answer a number of questions for you that we are often asked here at Giant. Whilst we aim to offer a comprehensive summary there are always questions to be asked. If you can’t find your answer then contact us directly and we will find the answer for you!

1. How many people will see my mobile billboard and how do I know it’s operating when it should be?

Some of our vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking devices which allow us to provide you with detailed journey reports confirming where, when and how long your advert has been in any location. Opportunities to See (OTS) are impossible to be 100% accurate however our research is based upon the most recent findings from the DFT (Department For Transport) for Average Daily Traffic Flows across the UK. We calculate viewing figures based upon roads travelled by our vehicles and predict that daily Urban area viewing figures can reach up to 100,000 people and this is without even considering pedestrian views!

2. Whats the difference between an advertising trailer and an advertising van?

An Advertising Trailer is an independent billboard unit which can sited in location and made secure or pulled by an appropriate vehicle. An Advertising Van has the billboard unit inbuilt and typically is illuminated from the rear.

3. How does mobile billboard advertising cost compare to other forms of advertising?

Our rate card confirms our standard costs. Traditional methods such as Radio and Newspaper advertising are based upon 1 advert being placed for a fixed fee and then hoping that this is either heard or seen. Our research carried out with findings from the Department of Transport confirms that daily Opportunities to See (OTS) for our Moble Advertising in an Urban area would average over 40,000 views per day. The resultant Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM) would be as low as £2.00.

4. What are the benefits of using mobile outdoor advertising?

One of the most commonly asked questions! Mobile Outdoor Advertising can be directed exactly where you want it to be seen. Whether by city or district, sporting or music event, daytime or night time. The low cost for mobile campaigns, which are guaranteed to be noticed, are more cost effective when compared to other more traditional methods such as newspaper and radio advertising. Take a look at a full list of benefits

5. Can we re-use our banners after our campaign has finished?

Yes. We use high quality PVC banners which we will store for you free of charge. These can then be re-used on a future campaign, with no further costs, or can be used by you directly. You paid for them, they are yours to keep!

6. Can we provide our own banners when booking mobile services?

We had offered this service in the past however our experience with being supplied inferior quality banners means that we no are no longer able to accept 3rd party banners.

7. Do we need to provide artwork for our design or can you provide a design service?

We provide a complete service and can prepare artwork for any purpose based upon your requirements. This service is charged separately on an hourly basis.

8. Do you offer more than just vehicle and banner advertising?

Yes. If you would like assistance with promotional staff for events, distribution of flyers and product samples or any other form of advertising not displayed then contact us if you have something different which you would like to undertake. Remember…Thing Big, Think Giant.

9. How long is a mobile advertising day and is there a minimum booking on any of your services?

Our costs are based upon an 8 hour working day starting time to suit your needs. There is no minimum booking, from 1 day to 1 month and beyond, whatever your requirements we can assist.

10. Can we receive a discount when booking your services?

We aim to provide the most inexpensive service however we consider each campaign on its’ own merit. Commission discounts are available to Media Buyers and Advertising Agencies.

11. Is it possible to provide our own driver if using an advertising van or billboard trailer?

A self drive option is available for billboard trailer hires but not in connection with our Illuminated Advertising Vans.

12. Is it possible to buy any of the vehicles and equipment which are available to hire?

Yes. Whatever your requirements we can provide. To date we have already commissioned several bespoke advertising trailers and vans for clients’ specific needs. Contact us directly for details on what we can do for you.

13. What extra costs or charges are involved in renting a mobile billboard?

Ordinarily there are no additional costs as outlined in our rate card. Exceptional circumstances such as ferry and flight costs may be considered though for bookings out with UK mainland.

14. Are mobile billboards the same size as traditional billboards?

Yes. The industry standard sizes for billboards are 6 sheet (1200mm x 1800mm), typical bus shelter advert, 48 sheet (6100mm x 3000mm) and 96 sheet (12200mm x 3000mm), which are the roadside static billboards. Giant Advertising Van and Trailers are typically 48 sheet size.

15. If we have an advertising budget can you advise me on how to maximize our coverage?

Of course. We are here to help and will offer suggestions on how to maximise your spend by utilising the most effective services in line with your available budget.

16. I own a small business with 3 vans. Can you help me to make money form advertising on my own vehicles?

Yes. With our range of contacts who are constantly looking for cost effective advertising then we will endeavour to match your location with a client in your area.
Contact us directly for further details.

17. How many vehicles do you have as we would like or run a campaign in 15 cities simultaneously?

The simple answer is how many Adbikes, Advans or Advertising Trailers are required! We have direct access to our own fleet and up to 100 Advans UK wide through our advan netwaork. We also have more adbikes in the UK than any other provider.  In short we can provide as many units as you would require.

Think Big…. THINK GIANT.