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Taking your message to the streets…Street Adverts, literally taking it to the streets. With Eco friendly clean graffiti. We target locations where your customers walk with eye catching street advertising messages that last 30 to 90 days. Extremely cost effective advertising that wont fail to get you noticed.

Chalk Adverts

Street Adverts using clean advertising offers a low cost and eco-friendly alternative to conventional outdoor advertising. We clean your advert on to the dirty pavement in high footfall areas. This type of street advertising can be highly targeted, allowing maximum exposure of your brand, whilst showing your green credentials.


Clean adverts, also called clean graffiti adverts or reverse graffiti, always grab attention. They are a unique, cost effective and sustainable way to advertise.

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Chalk Advertising are a temporary, eco-friendly and low cost form of alternative advertising. They are colourful and eye-catching. Using 100% biodegradable weatherproof chalk we generate your advert on the pavement.

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We use custom made laser cut stencils and a mix of steam and high pressure jetting machines to make sure you street art wont be missed.  Our stencils are re-useable resulting in reduced campaign charges for subsequent campaigns.


The chalk is 100% environmentally friendly and can be removed easily if required. Our innovative chalk advertising can be placed easily in high footfall areas around city centres or your chosen region so thousands of people will see it. The chalk adverts can be placed on virtually any surface and will last up to three weeks depending on weather and footfall.

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Trial packages available – call for more details or email to discuss your requirements.

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