Ad Walkers

Live Billboards – Backlit Ad Walkers – adwalkers available nationwide.

Live billboards adwalkers

Backlit adwalker LED illuminated displays offer an eye catching original approach to outdoor advertising.

Live Billboards adwalkers

Staff are able to interact on a personal level with the people on the streets making it pro active.

Live billboards

A minimum 6 hours backlit LED power from one charge. Eye catching media.

Ad Walkers and Human Billboards are available in most UK towns and cities.

Live Billboards - Adwalkers

This unique backlit LED billboard pro active marketing concept works best in pairs or more than two. Best worked with Advertising Campaigns where promotional staff are distributing leaflets and or samples achieves the optimum results.

Live Billboard adwalkers live billboards

The billboards display is 150cm high by 65cm wide on the rear and 65cm wide x 65cm high on the front facing display.

Adwalker advertising is a unique eye catching way to attract attention to your promotion. This new advertising medium is best operated whilst staff distribute leaflets or samples. The lightweight adwalkers are a perfect solution for areas of heavy footfall where traditional media may not be present or visible. Advertising walkers create a uzz wherever they go.

Our backlit LED mobile live billboards are available on their own or as packages – call or email for more information or visit our sister site or for more ambient media options and services available.